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Welcome to the most effective social media workshop for ECPs!

Come learn Saturday & Sunday.

Start creating original, inspiring content on Monday.

Spend the weekend with us, and by Monday you'll be running social media at your business like a pro. Gain followers and increase revenue when you learn our social media essentials, tricks, do's and don'ts. We look forward to transforming your confidence and business with our hands-on workshop. Scroll down to discover what you're in store for.


Answer these 5 questions to see if this workshop is right for you


  • Do you currently get referrals from people that found you on Instagram?
  • Have you been noticing your revenue increase substantially from your social media pages?
  • Do you have over 5,000 followers on your social media pages?
  • Are you able to take a social media photo, edit, and post it in under 5 minutes?
  • Are you savvy with Apps that allow you to enhance your social media pages?


It's time to say "YES" to our social media workshop

WHERE: 2201 Broadway, Oakland CA 94612

WHEN: August 19th & 20th, 2017

8 hours of intensive learning 🤓

Saturday 12-5pm

Sunday 9-12pm

        Learn the secrets to taking images like this

Want to kick start your social media pages? Don't know where to start? This hands-on workshop will give you the skills and confidence to create beautiful, original and inspiring content. By attending our workshop, we will disclose all our dirty secrets to winning internet success by engaging creating photos, videos, and live content.

What you'll take away after 2 days . . .

Hands-on instruction & feedback

This is not an educational event where you sit down and take notes. Be prepared to take your camera phone, apps and props to create, edit, experiment, and nail down your social media skills.  This is an intimate, customized training with limited participants for a hands-on experience and our interactive exercises will give you the confidence to implement what you're learning.  You will get immediate demonstrations and fixes to your existing questions/problems and we will teach you things in person that a webinar or CE event cannot. Learn how to do this in 8 hours and in ONE place.

Basically, this workshop will cost you zero dollars. We measure success in dollars. You will not only be creating beautiful social media content, but you will be also creating practice value that will pay dividends. For your initial investment of 1 ticket, you will need just 1 customer to purchase a pair of glasses. The average sale from an Instagram referral is $750 at Oakland Vision Center. With just 1 customer, you will make all your money back.  But we think that tips and tricks you'll receive to get more from your digital marketing education is priceless.

Make the investment. Create financial success.

$750 -$750 = $0

Save $$$ by becoming your own PR agency

Don't spend $3,000 a month on a PR agency for your social media. Let our workshop do the dirty work for you. Social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to market and grow your business. However, many professionals don’t really understand how it works and look for pricey outside help.  With our social media workshop you will get the skills to do it all yourself. Plus, you'll save $36,000 annually. 

Increase sales of glasses, optical lenses & daily contacts . . .

without even trying

Dr Tanya Gill has made Oakland Vision Center a success because she is able to sell without selling through the language of social media. Patients come in asking for what they see on social media. Since 2015, her optical has increased by 25% and daily contact lens sales have increased by 300%.  We speak the language of social media and you will learn to speak it too in just 2 days.


Dr. Tanya Gill, OD is the founder & CEO of Oakland Vision Center and We Love Eyes. Her practice won 1st Place in Invision Magazine's America's Finest Optical Retailer in 2015. She is a contributing writer for Eyecare Business and with over 25K followers on her social media pages, she is a social media pro.

Dr. Arian Fartash, OD is the founder of Glamoptometrist on Instagram. She is a contributing writer for Invision Magazine and with over 15K followers on her Instagram alone, she is a force in the Optometry industry.


$750 per person for the weekend

Bring your staff and make it an office collaboration

Due to the nature of our hands-on workshop, space is very limited.

Because we have to plan ahead and purchase space, props and book staff for the event – here is our cancel policy. Cancel or transfer by July 19th w/ a 10% processing fee. No cancels, but transfers are allowed after July 19th with a 10% transfer fee.  Cancels after July 19th or no-shows will result in 100% forfeiture of workshop fees paid.

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